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Release Notes 3.8.x -> 3.9.x

Community Edition:

  • Implementing new error distribution panel on the execution view
  • Improving the Keyword API to allow the reporting of business errors inside the Keywords (See http://docs.exense.ch/wiki/step/view/Versions/3.9.x/Migration/#HRe-compilation for migration)
  • Upgrading to RTM 2.2.2
  • Various improvements of the execution list view
  • Improving error handling in Export control
  • Implementing numerous improvements and features for the Event-Broker 
  • Implementing Logout
  • Adding support for Google-Sheets as Datasource
  • Moving ScreenTemplate configuration (ScreenTemplates.js) to DB and implementing configuration view
  • Support for placeholders in configuration files (AgentConf.js and step.properties)
  • Support for MongoDB 3.8
  • Refactoring of the FileManager (caching and performance optimization for the transfer of folders, cache-reload after controller restart, etc)
  • Improving maintenance banner (auto-reload, support for HTML fragments)
  • Implementing presets for CRON expressions
  • Adding keyword column to export.csv of execution view
  • Fixing 'execute' button on script editor screen
  • Fixing Keyword type "Groovy"
  • Fixing report node status reporting issue in For loops (TECHNICAL_ERROR reported as FAILED)
  • Fixing inconsistent time zone issue (between execution list and view)
  • Fixing password initialization issue

Enterprise Edition:

  • Implementing notification plugin 
  • Implementing new monitoring view for the Event-Broker
  • Improving local plan runner (support for Session, switch to disable TC wrapping, etc)
API (Remote-Client)
  • Improving javadoc
  • Improving reporting of PDF comparison errors. Now reporting errors as FAILED.
  • Implementing synchronous transfer of pdf files to avoid file leaks in FileManager
  • Implementing on-the-fly reporting of test cases
  • Improving reporting of runs: now also reporting steps that haven't been executed
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