Release Notes 3.7.x -> 3.8.x

Community Edition:

  • Implementing attachment thumbnails on the execution view to give a quicker overview of the attachments (screenshots, etc)
  • Implementing drag and drop feature on the keyword configuration screens for all keyword resources (jar, scripts, etc)
  • Migrating to RTM 2.2.0
  • Implementing new execution mode for fully isolated runs (Plan and Keyword isolation) on the Controller
  • Improving style of toggle buttons
  • Improving handling of keyword errors:
    • Showing keyword exception message instead of InvocationTargetException: null
    • Clear error message when no Keywords could be found in a Jar
  • Implementing new control 'Export' to export report node results during execution
  • Addind new shutdown service to gracefully shutdown the controller and free temporary resources (temporary files, etc)
  • Improving reporting of agent errors: now returning clear error messages for technical errors that might occur between the controller and the agents
  • Implementing maintenance mode for Agents in order to gracefully remove an Agent from the Grid for maintenance purposes
  • Rewriting Grid monitoring views
  • Implementing token health management and monitoring in order to
    • give a better control on what should occur after technical errors when executing keywords on agent token
    • improve token health monitoring
  • Introducing Migration Manager to automatically migrate data when upgrading the controller version
  • Implementing streaming for the transfer of resources (Keywords, etc) between the controller and the agent to reduce the memory consumption of the agent during resource transfer
  • Introducing license control for enterprise customers
  • Fixing performance issue in Synchronized control
  • Fixing caching issue in FileManager (which is used for the transfer of resources between the Controller and the Agents) when a file is delete
  • Fixing classloader issue in Java agent: the context classloader wasn't set properly which caused issues with keywords relying on the resource classloader
  • Updating plan list after plan creation
  • Fixing blocking issue of the keyword table when ordering by "Step"
  • Creating sample projects under
  • Refactoring of DB Accessors 
  • Refactoring PlanRunners
  • Refactoring Function module
  • Increasing JUnit Coverage

Enterprise Edition:

API (Remote-Client)
  • Complete redesign of the java remote client (ControllerClient)
  • Improving distribution of the remote client: now distributing the remote client from our customer nexus
  • Improving error handling + javadoc of remote client
  • Redesigning zone selection
  • Implementing text extraction
  • Implementing new anchor types
    • "Page number based"
    • "Applies on every page"
  • Implementing restore feature (discard changes) on mask editor
  • Implementing progress bar on scenario test page
  • Implementing new mode "unsortedPagesTolerance" to ignore sorting differences in PDFs
  • Implementing file upload in mask editor
  • Adding page and coordinates to region selection table
  • Automatically creating PDF_compare keyword during startup if not existing
  • Resuming comparison after first comparison error
  • Adding bouncycastle to support encrypted PDFs
  • Bugfixing:
    • moving/resizing regions was creating new regions
    • Fixing textarea height of text extraction
    • changing image extension of pdf page images to png
  • Fixing memory leak on keyword execution
  • Fixing localisation issue of keywords using the attribute name of the annotation [Keyword]
Advanced Plan Parser Plugin
  • Implementing file repository: the file repository enables the execution of plain text testplans
  • Creating advanced sample projects for enterprise customers 
  • Adding support for inline function declaration in plan syntax
  • Fixing reporting of failed reason
  • Minor formatting change in reporting
Created by Jerome Brongniart on 2018/10/29 14:24
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