Plugin Setup

In order to install the SoapUI plugin, you have to point the controller to your SoapUI installation. Note that the controller will automatically send to the agent the jar files needed from SoapUI.

This configuration is done by adding the following property to your file:

plugins.soapui.home=C:/Program Files (x86)/SmartBear/SoapUI-5.4.0

When done, restart your controller and you should now have the possibility to create SoapUI keywords:


  • You can export your SoapUI test by saving your project into a file:


  • To quickly execute your keyword, click "Execute keyword":



  • The following error will be triggered if the SoapUI home folder cannot be found on the controller side. If this is the case, check your SoapUI installation on the controller.


  • Please take also note that errors in your SoapUI test will be displayed as a technical error. Check the attachement for more details:


java.lang.Exception: Contains in [step 2] failed;
[Missing token ["id": 11] in Response]
Status: FAILED
Time Taken: 31
Size: 217
Timestamp: Mon Mar 26 21:51:10 CEST 2018
TestStep: step 2

----------------- Messages ------------------------------
[Contains] Missing token ["id": 11] in Response


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