Release Notes 3.6.x -> 3.7.x

Community Edition:

  • Enabling QuotaManager functionality
  • Introduced a service called “EventBroker” for receiving and pushing generic Events as a central service (i.e into/from the Controller)
  • Added iteration and user counts as handles to ThreadGroup
  • New "Table to tree" & "Table to testcase" navigation links

Enterprise Edition:

  • Introducing Remote Java APIs for controlling various controller services programaticaly, including but not limited to: saving plans, executing plans, accessing reports, etc.
  • Introduced “EventBroker” Client API
  • New artefact: “WaitForEvent”, designed to work with the new Event API in order to be notified about events and which will complement the “RetryIfFails” component, which is more adequate for polling scenarios
  • Natural language mappings (PlanParser & ALM): added support for ThreadGroup and Sequence artefacts and folder as DataSet type
  • ALM:
    • Now supporting end of lines / multisets
    • Various bug fixes involving syntax, parsing and special characters
    • Preloading connections


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