Starting with the release 3.10, a brand new documentation and knowledge base for step is available here:!

Thus, this space wont' be maintained anymore!

Release Notes 3.9.x -> 3.10.x

Community Edition:

  • Introduced the ResourceManager to allow the upload, management and tracking of central resources on the controller. The ResourceManager is also used to store attachments and thus replaces the old attachmentdir (See for migration details)
  • Upgraded to RTM 2.2.4
  • Implemented support for write operations in CSV DataSets
  • Added MaxDuration field to ThreadGroup
  • Added support for upload and zipped projects in Node.js plugin
  • Added support for Puppeteer

Enterprise Edition:

API (Remote-Client)
  • Implemented JUnit report writer for local and remote executions
  • Renamed ControllerClient to StepClient and refactored the API
  • Implemented reporting of testcase start
  • Implemented asynchronous testcase export
  • Fixed username (tester) reporting issue
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