Inserting Measurements

Last modified by Jerome Brongniart on 2019/01/09 11:04

The following command line will create a measurement with the name myMeasurementName, with an epoch start time of 1494428139000, a value of 1234 and flag it with the logical group name myMeasurementGroup.

curl localhost:8099/rtm/rest/ingest/structured/myMeasurementGroup/1494428139000/myMeasurementName/1234

You can also attach as much additional custom data as you wish in order to flag your measurement or perform filtering or grouping in your analysis later on. Just append semicolumn-separated key-value pairs like such (note: the ";" is here url-encoded as %3B):

curl localhost:8099/rtm/rest/ingest/structured/myMeasurementGroup/1494428139000/myMeasurementName/1234/client=

Native connectors with direct access to the DB are also available for higher performance, just ask.

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